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Full circle

The Athens choker created with 94 carats of hexagon-cut tanzanites evokes the idyllic beauty of the Greek islands with their awe-inspiring raw beauty and stark contrasts.
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Modern elegance

Model and photographer Lynn Palm tells a story of power, beauty, and individuality that goes against the grain.
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Hexagonal deepness

Blue tanzanites pop out vividly against a milky quartz frame encrusted with diamonds, creating a sharp yet harmonious contrast.
Milky way meets cosmic blue
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Intaglio magic

Arabian influence mixed with an Italian twist – in the Athens pendant, versatility and uniqueness flow seamlessly.
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Tonal timelessness

Former Olympic swimmer and model with an aristocratic lineage, Elisabetta Dessy embodies the unconventional and distinctive essence of Busatti 1947.
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Swirls of beauty

The devil is in the details – millimetric precision is a key pillar, creating uniqueness from every angle, in every reflection.
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