A third-generation story of uniqueness

Jewelry runs in the blood of Lalla and Davide Busatti, third-generation jewelers whose family history dates back to 1947 with their grandfather Antonio and their father Luigi. To liberally express their passion, vision, and expertise, the siblings branched out on their own, founding Busatti 1947, a new project based in Milan. Enhanced by their enthusiasm and unique hands-on experience gained over the years, Lalla and Davide are driven by their father’s motto, “Go your way and follow your instinct fearlessly.” Forged on their idea of uniqueness, Busatti 1947 creates one-off pieces that blend handmade in Italy virtuosity and artistry, creativity with wearability. The siblings have lived and breathed jewelry since an early age. They would travel to exotic, remote countries with their father, Luigi Busatti, soaking in and adapting to the traditions of each culture. From Japan to India, from Indonesia to Thailand, under Luigi’s wing, they learned the tricks of the métier: how to use the early morning light to perceive the color and quality of the stones, how to listen to the sound of pearls by spinning them in their hands, and how to carry out endless negotiations while building solid relationships. This forged their unrivaled know-how based on competence and instinct. 
With a yin-and-yang synergy, the underlying DNA of Busatti 1947 is defined by Lalla’s creativity and Davide’s ability to find beautiful yet unconventional stones that offer a unique starting point. When sourcing the stones, Davide still follows his dad’s precious advice: buy a stone if it speaks to you, if you feel it, even if it doesn’t meet the classic standards. Balancing tradition and innovation, technology and artisanship, Busatti 1947 is defined by a harmonious mix of the expected and unexpected, by classics revisited with a contemporary twist. No matter how intricate, each piece is imagined to be worn daily and unabashedly for whatever is on your agenda – work, a stroll, or a black-tie event. This commitment to enhancing a woman’s beauty and self-confidence with a feel-good vibe is what sets Busatti 1947 apart.

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Via dei Piatti, 1
20123 Milano