Busatti 1947 is a new high-end jewelry line that stems from the passion, vision, and expertise of Lalla and Davide Busatti.
Based in the heart of Milan’s jewelry district, this exciting new project taps into the siblings’ long-standing family tradition in the world of precious stones and jewelry, one that dates back to when Antonio Busatti founded the company in 1947.
And now Lalla and Davide Busatti are branching out on their own, eager to share their idea of uniqueness and enthusiasm through one-off pieces that blend handmade in Italy virtuosity and artistry, creativity and wearability.
With a yin-and-yang synergy, the underlying DNA of Busatti 1947 is defined by Lalla’s creativity and Davide’s ability to find beautiful yet unconventional stones that offer a starting point of uniqueness.
Balancing tradition and innovation, technology and artisanship, Busatti 1947 is defined by a harmonious mix of the expected with the unexpected, by classics revisited with contemporary inventiveness.

No matter how intricate, each piece is imagined to be worn every day to enhance a woman’s beauty and self-confidence with a feel-good vibe.

T. +39 0286996064

Via dei Piatti, 1
20123 Milano